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Friday, August 08, 2003 :::
TechEd India:::  

MS India has just announced some information on TechEd India 2003. They seem to have got this idea that three days together is too much time for people to take off and so have split the whole event into three months(1 day/month).

This is, in my opinion, a very bad way of doing things. First of all, the idea of spreading it over three months means, people will lose the thread. There are usually sessions that rely on something talked about in a previous sessions. This goes for a six now.

The other thing is, what about people travelling to attend teched. Do they travel each month for a day to the three cities where TechEd takes place?? Well if it was me that would surely be something that will prevent me from attending. (Luckily, Chennai is one of the cities where TechEd takes place and so I don't have to travel)

Another thing that I love about these events is the huge amount of information you get hit with. Three days of continous sessions. Basically you wallow in the latest technology...:-) That whole feel is lost now...

One of the feedbacks I had given during the last TechEd was to maybe streach the 3 day event by 1 extra day(The US TechEd is a 5 day event and I enjoyed it a lot when I was there this year). A lot of people were even OK with coming in on a weekend if this ment an extra day of sessions. But no, now we have the same 3 day event, but over three month. I completely fail to see any logic behind this move.

This kind of robs TechEd off its sheen and moves it to being a special kind of MSDN session(which happens each month).

I think is a harebrained thing to do...

Anyone listening there????

::: posted by Anand at 5:03 PM

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