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Thursday, July 17, 2003 :::
Language Divergence:::  

It's Time for Language Divergence an editorial by Patrick Meader, looks at how C# and VB.NET are currently and he recommends that they start diverging now so that VB.NET can retain its uniqueness.

Paul rebuts here.

I agree with both of them to certain extent. Yes VB developers wanted more power and VB.NET gave it to them. And yes, VB.NET is not as RAD as VB. But these are some small hiccups that I am ready to live with in VB.NET for the kind of power I get. And the BCL does make up a little bit for the lost RAD.

But one point of Patrick does linger in the mind:
I think VB would be akin to Visual FoxPro, beloved by those who use it, but marginalized from mainstream development.

Though it hurts, this does have a little bit of truth. Maybe the VB.NET team needs to do a better PR job. C# is new and I can understand MS pushing it, but then that seems to have completely overshadowed VB.NET.

There have been upteen discussions on whether VB.NET or C# is better. My point is, it is not important which is better, use what you like, but should both not have the same level of visibility???

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