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Friday, July 18, 2003 :::
Hollywood Rules of Film making:::  

Found a link at Kingsley's Site:

Roger Ebert's glossary of movie terms:

Ali MacGraw's Disease
Movie illness in which only symptom is that the sufferer grows more beautiful as death approaches.
Joel Silver Rule
All women in action-adventure flicks are extraneous to the plot unless naked or dead.
One-at-a-time Attack Rule
In any situation where the hero is alone, surrounded by dozens of bad guys, they will always obligingly attack one at a time. (See any Schwarzenegger movie.)
Principle of Pedestrian Pathology
Whenever a character on foot is being pursued by one in a car, the pedestrian inevitably makes the mistake of running down the middle of the street, instead of ducking down a narrow alley, into a building, behind a telephone pole, etc. All that saves such pedestrians is the fact that in such scenes the character on foot can always outrun the car.
Thanks, But No Thanks
When two people have just had a heart-to-heart conversation, as person A starts to leave room, person B says (tentatively) "Bob?" A pauses, turns, and says "Yes?" B says, "Thanks."
Hand-in-Hand Rule
In many Hollywood action pictures, the woman characters are incapable of fleeing from danger unless dragged by a strong man, who takes the woman's hand and pulls her along meekly behind him. This convention is so strong it appears even in films where it makes no sense, such as SHEENA, in which a jungle-woman who has ruled the savage beasts since infancy is pulled along by a TV anchorman fresh off the plane.
Pronounced "zed" in British movies, something most American audiences do not know.

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