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Wednesday, July 16, 2003 :::
Dictionary Lookup Operator:::  

Ok, I accept that.. I am a 100% VB guy and I like working with VB.NET rather than those curly braces of C#. But when I say this post, I was really suprised. I had never heard of this particular operator in VB. Then I realized it was the old "!" operator, which not many people know about (U would know this operator, if you had worked with DAO, but there are so few of us left). But I never knew it had such a high funda name... Sounds good...

Paul still continues to amaze me with the kind of insight he provides into my favorite programming language. When you have been working with a language for more that 7 years, you tend to know most of the tricks/quirks about that language. But this guy seems to always find stuff which I find interesting and that is quite difficult. Even if I say so myself..:-)

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