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Thursday, June 05, 2003 :::

Two sessions today. I had to cut short my first session on MSF because I had a meeting at 11:15. Software processes and best practices are such a boring subject, that I was really surprised to see the huge hall fill up with people. Allison Robins did a wonderful job of making the session interesting and by the time I had to go off, I kinda felt that maybe I should have scheduled the meeting later...:-)

The other is one on the upcoming 64-bit platform. Christopher Brown talked about what has to be taken care of on the 32-bit platform so that the code is portable to the new 64-bit platform when it becomes avbl. The 64-bit Framework ships in the Whidbey time frame. It was a very interesting talk and there was demos of apps which were run on both the 32-bit and the 64-bit platforms. The crux of the matter is, if you are writing pure managed code(VB, C# without unsafe), then you should have no problems at all. If you use interop, then you may have slight hiccups, but not much.

Am off to a session on VS.NET extensibility.....

::: posted by Anand at 1:27 AM

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