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Monday, June 30, 2003 :::
Blog Types:::  

Yesterday night when I was just drifting into sleep, I had a sudden thought, are there different kinds of blogs? I know there are these technical and the personal blog stuff. But I am subscribed to only technical blogs, but still I find different kinds out there.

There are these pure technical blogs, which seem to be a collection of small articles, mostly indepth or something the person has delt with recently. Suzanne Cook or Chris Brumme fall into this category. There is almost no way to really see the person behind the blog, only his/her technical superiority...:-)

There are these collection blogs(I could not think of a better name). These are a collection of links to other blogs or articles that the blogger had come across that day. There can be some personal comments, but these are usually a minimum. Scoble's blog is near to being a collection blog, though he does have some good comments on articles once in a while and also a few personal entries too..

Then there are the combination blogs. Well a mish-mash of technical, non-technical and personal stuff. This is the most common type of techie blog I have come across. After all a blog is a diary that is publicly accessable, so it is most common to put in daily happening and personal experiences too. This is the type I find most interesting as it give you a peek into that person who is blogging too...

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