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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 :::

Frans Bouma's blog on the web browser as application interfaces. I have been an advocate of a rich client interface for a long long time. I don't think web pages/HTML are the real way to do applications. It is wonderful for information sharing and maybe a little interactivity, but full fledged applications.. No...

But it is web based world now. The first requirement people give for a project is, it should be web based. Does'nt matter if it is going to be used only by a few people inside the organization, but it still need to be running on a browser.

Two things that created this whole web based only stuff environment are

1. Deployment problems in rich client apps
2. The growth of the internet.

With the bursting of the internet bubble, the second is less of a factor nowadays. With things like smart clients or no-touch deployment in .NET, the first can also be solved. But I am kind of suprised, so few people do know about this feature of .NET and MS does not seem to be selling this part of .NET too hard(If you read some of the MS marketing papers, you would think .NET means web services)...

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