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Wednesday, December 04, 2002 :::

There is a wonderful article on a bug in the MSDN library that ships with VS.NET. If you have encountered the following error:

Start MSDN7 - VisualStudio.NET topic
Expand Visual Studio .NET
Expand Introducing Visual Studio .NET
Click on What's New in Visual Studio .NET
On the content page, scroll down to the bottom
In the See Also section, click on the Visual Studio .NET SDK link
When you are in the target page, click on Back (or press Backspace)
The bug is : when you return from a page, the scroll position is lost, which means browsing content back and forth is very hard.

Then check out the fix at MSDN7 scrolling bug fix. Download the fix and check it out.

::: posted by Anand at 10:19 PM

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