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Thursday, November 14, 2002 :::

Two days without a blog entry. That was because I was off to see the great BillG live at Bangalore…

So you want to know how it is to see BillG. Well my fellow MVP Akila said it in two words, it is like ‘Tirupathi Darshan”…:-)

He talked the usual stuff on web services, Tablet PC and how the Indian s/w companies are great etc., but then that man does have a presence. Those are not topics I would consider very new or radical, but then he got a standing ovation from that huge crowd of developers out there. (Most of whom, have been working with web services etc for sometime and the kind of info BillG gave on web services was elementary)

Also last week, I took the 70-300, Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures, beta. This is one of those tough exams you need to take for completing the MCSD certification. The main problem with this exam was, more than the content, the duration. It is a mammoth 5 hours exam. After around 3 hours I started feeling real tired. Hopefully I get thru.:-)

If you would like to get more information on this exam check out

I have also now added a new feature in this blog, where you can subscribe to get mails when I publish a new entry (you also get a little bit of the blog entry to get you to visit the page). If you want to subscribe, go to the bottom of this page and you would be able to find the subscription form. (I know it is not good being a the end of the page, but it looked worse when put at the top of the page…:-))

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