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Sunday, November 03, 2002 :::

Sitting in office on a Sunday afternoon debugging on a program that stubbornly refuse to work, makes me think whether I am in the right profession. But as soon as that program starts to work, that thought flies away and I realize, I am in office because I cannot be anywhere else till I get this (damn!!!) thing working. :-)

Anyway to continue on my saga on free .NET tools, today I talk about another free IDE (Yes, you have a real choice here) called SharpDevelop (One of those great stuff you find in SourceForge). This is usually written as #develop. (If Microsoft put the # at the end, these guys put it in the start…)

This is an IDE fully written in pure C# and the source code is also available with the download. When I came across this a few months back, it was something just better than notepad, kind of an IDE. Now in the latest version, .92, this has moved towards becoming a very good alternative to VS.NET. It has code completion (thought it is not yet as good as VS.NET), compile and run from the IDE and external tool integration.

It also has this Template completion feature (Ctrl+J) where you get these template for common blocks like the for(), if() etc which can be directly inserted into your code. Though this feature currently works only for C#, I am sure they would improve this in the next few versions.

Also this IDE is well integrated into different open source tools that are out there, like NUnit and NDoc. (These are some of the tools that I will be talking about in later blogs)

Finally, #develop is a pretty good IDE (considering the cost :-)) though it is not 100% stable yet and does have a few loose ends. Surely is a great tool for those who are just starting out with .NET.

Happy Diwali to all and hope I am not in office on Diwali day.

PS: Currently the prospects of me having a Diwali out of office seem to be very low..:-)

::: posted by Anand at 4:48 PM

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