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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 :::

One of my friends has started a new blog. This is about both technical (mostly Java though) and other techie related topics. Check this out at

Anybody out there who remember those old computers that run on magnetic tape? If you are thinking, “what tape?”, I don’t use tape, only CDs to listen to music, then this may interest you. These are some pictures by Arthur Lavine, who was the principle photographer for Chase Manhattan Bank, during those days when a computer, ment a huge room full of wires and as cold as the artic. Check it out at There are a few picts of those things that were called magnetic tapes, if you are interested.:-) Also a pict of something that looked a lot like a daisy wheel printer!!

It is now official. The next version of VS.NET code-named “Everett”, is to be called VS.NET 2003. This will ship with the new version of the .NET framework ver 1.1. If you are an MSDN universal subscriber, you can get your hands on a copy of the Final beta at the MSDN subscribers download page. More information is available at

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