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Monday, November 04, 2002 :::

I thought I would start out today with information about a new game that was released late last week. I am a great fan of RPG and one of my favorites has been the Age of Empire series. Now MS has come out with a new version called the Age of Mythology. I got my hands on the trial version yesterday (It is a big 345 MB download. So think twice before you start your download. Would recommend a download manager knowing Indian connectivity:-))

MS has done an awesome job on the graphics. The waves washing up on the shore and all those new creatures that you can use, really makes me want to get my hands on the real version. You can read more about this version and get the trial download at

Ok, so that’s about games, now lets get back to .NET. Today I have chosen one of the most useful tools out there. We know that C# has this feature of writing comments starting with “///”, which are put into an XML file by the compiler. VS.NET has a feature where by this can be converted into a web-based documentation. I think MS added this as a last thought, since the output it produces is something I would not ship with my code :-(. To really take advantage of these XML files check out NDOC.

This can generate a MSDN style .chm file for you. It also has options to generate javadoc style (I personally hate this style and can never understand how people can really like it. But there is no saying for preferences) or in a TEX based format too. It also has a lot of options you can tweak to change what is documented. (Whether private functions are documented or not etc)

Though the new versions (1.1c being the latest as of now) also support VB.NET assemblies, this works best with C# assemblies and still has a few problems with inheritance based VB.NET assemblies.

This is one of those tools that is a must have for all programmers as it takes away the documentation head aches and makes it easier to create those professional looking documents that components are supposed to ship with.

::: posted by Anand at 3:49 PM

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