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Saturday, November 09, 2002 :::

Did you want to know what is going to be the new features that are going to be available with the next version of C#? Well Andrew Anders Hejlsberg in his address at the OOPSLA Conference in Seattle on Nov 7th talked about new features that are going to appear in the next version of C#. These new features include:

* Generics, a form of C++ templates that makes reusing existing code easier
* Iterators, a construct that makes traversing collections of data significantly faster and easier
* Anonymous methods, an easier way to perform simple tasks using delegates
* Partial types, a means for programmers to split code across multiple files

A few of these have been features that developers have been asking for since C# was first announced. MS has announced that these will be submitted to ECMA to update the specs for C#. You can read more on this at

You can also download Hejlsberg’s Slides and demos. (I could not download the demos, they seem to be missing as of now. Maybe they will upload it later.)

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